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Saturday Night

New song written for the dance musical, Saturday Night.

Drive by Jour Majesty & Sara

Musical Tribute to some of the greatest movie driving scenes.

Movies in Tribute:

Groundhog Day - Thelma & Louise - The Living Daylights - Baby Driver – Bullitt – Cars - Cheech & Chong, Up in Smoke – Crash - Driving Miss Daisy - Easy Rider - Evel Knievel - Hobbs & Shaw - Easy Rider - On Her Majesty’s Secret Service - Laurel and Hardy’s Model T’s - National Lampoon’s Vacation – Notorious - Pineapple Express - Pulp Fiction - Every Which Way but Loose - Shaft’s Big Score - Smokey and the Bandit - Speed Racer - Step Brothers - The Fifth element - The French Connection - The Graduate - The Gumball Rally - The Hangover - Gun crazy - The Love Bug - Repo Man - The Shining - Wayne’s World - Short Time – Jade – Taxi - Days of Thunder - Tomorrow Never Dies - Terminator 2 - The Rock – Ronin - Bad Boys 2 - Ford v Ferrari – Transporter - The Bourne Identity - When Harry met Sally - The Italian Job - Gone in 60 Seconds - Billy Jack - The Shawshank Redemption - Terminator 3 - The Matrix Reloaded - The Man with the Golden Gun - Blazing Magnum – Duel - Blue Velvet - The Absent-Minded Professor – Tommy Boy – Bridesmaids – Hot Rods to Hell – Vanishing Point – Desert Hearts

Jour Majesty at the Art Museum patio.

Jour Majesty

This is a photo of Jour Majesty taken at the Palm Springs Art Museum in 2021


Los Angeles-based Jour Majesty (aka Michael C. Perry) is a combination of filmmaker, music producer, and artist. After graduating from the USC School of Cinema, he began directing television commercials and music videos, then migrated to sound engineering and record producing.

Recently, Perry has become known for his Short Musical Films. He was nominated for multiple awards for the animated musical, “Empty Box of Wine.” The film won BEST SHORT at the London International Short Film Festival, BEST ANIMATION at the Action on Film International Film Festival, and SPIRIT OF THE FESTIVAL award at the Twin Falls Sandwiches Film Festival.

Perry's recent film, "Saturday Night" premiered at the 2022 Chelsea Film Festival in NYC and at the HollyShorts film festival in Hollywood, CA. The acclaimed production is said to be one of the best dance/drama films of the year.

Jour majesty sitting in a MG Midget  at the beach.

Jour Majesty

Jour Majesty at Seal Beach, California

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Jour Majesty in Phone booth

Jour Majesty

Photoshoot for the album cover of "Meet Me at that Tree"

Jour Majesty playing acous guitar.

Jour Majesty playing guitar.

Jour Majesty playing guitar in the film, Going to Germany".

Jour Majesty sitting at a table with a pen and notebook.

Jour Majesty at photo shoot.

Jour Majesty posing for the album cover "In the End".

Photo credit: Ian Matthews

Jour Majesty at Film Festival

Jour Majesty at Film Festival.

Jour Majesty - "The Cutting Room" film festival in New York City. 2019

Jour Majesty looking out toward audience.

Jour Majesty at Music Festival.

Jour Majesty at the Lowell Folk Fest.

Jour Majesty sitting in a chair alone in desert.

Jour Majesty in the desert.

Jour Majesty posing at the photoshoot for the album cover "Youthful Faces".

Jour Majesty reading script.

Jour Majesty in coffee shop.

Jour Majesty sitting in San Francisco coffee shop reading movie script.