Sleeping Bag Studios - Three Winks

I’ve had conversations with fellow friends and peers about similar music to what’s happening here on the Jour Majesty EP throughout the past of my experience. It’s this kind of soft, well-played, melodic & acoustically driven music that I’ve maintained to all of these people from day one – you would have to be an incredible dick to walk into a room and turn music like this off, or even down in volume. Even if it’s not your genre, I’m still saying this applies; the music of Jour Majesty is completely inoffensive and should, by that measure, be appealing to an extremely large mass of music fans.

And it’s current – let’s face it, this particular sound is a very large part of what’s happening out in the music scene right now. As the Three Winks EP opened into the first track “Angel,” my wife was in the next room over and quickly wanted it turned up for her to listen as well.

Now first of all – believe me when I say this is a completely all-to-RARE experience…always met with instant compliance. For reference’s sake, the last time this request was made was when we reviewed the album from Shagpile, earlier this year. ........See more at the

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